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About Our Foundation

Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow Foundation is a non-profit charity organization that supports disadvantaged communities, women, children and vulnerable groups in The Gambia. The foundation is established for charitable purposes aimed to benefit areas in health, orphans, children, widows, youth and women through educational projects and social development programs.

Our Mission

To bring relief and empower the vulnerable and disadvantaged in The Gambia, for an opportunity to dwell and carry a new hope for a brighter future.
To complement government efforts in reducing extreme poverty, marginalization of rural women and support local community initiatives.

What We Do

FaBB Foundation is set to roll out interesting outreach programs and activities within The Gambia. See below our current programs and upcoming activities

Women Affairs

To support women in various activities related to their welfare and in that regard to provide an open forum for the discussion of pertinent issues, affecting women and the ordinary Gambia.


Provide investment and logistical support for the promotion of the health and well-being especially relating to Women, Child Health Issues & Mental Health

Youth Empowerment

To contribute to the development and rehabilitation of Gambian Youths through the establishment of vocational and skills training centers, contributing to social entrepreneurship development in The Gambia.


Maintain durable and strong relationships with the education communities and support educational projects that enable people to develop awareness and understanding of the issues and work toward positive action.

Orphans and Widows Support

Provide support for orphans and widows, through the establishment and funding of Orphanages and Women shelters.

Persons with disability

Support those with disability

Financial Support

To fund and divert funds for the youth Empowerment and educational projects, Social Development programmes and activities

Become Volunteer

We are currently accepting Volunteers in the following areas:
Health, Youth Empowerment, Women Affairs, Educational projects, Social Development, Logistics and Event Coordination.

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The Gambian Conjoined Twins

Antenatal/Mortality Campaign

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