Our Activities

FaBB is set to roll out interesting outreach programs and activities within The Gambia. See below our current programs and upcoming activities.


  1. Child Health
  • To raise funds and assist in the coordination of rare surgical cases for children from The Gambia.
  • To support financially in surgical interventions for babies at the pediatric ward surgical units.
  • To support causes and interventions that address health matters in the Gambia. To support Campaigns and health promotion activities.
  • To support the rehabilitation of toilets at selected hospitals and clinics in The Gambia.
  1. Children’s Hospital
  • The foundation is currently searching opportunities to build the first Children’s hospital in The Gambia targeting advanced care for children all around the Gambia and neighboring countries.
  1. Cancer Awareness
  • FaBB foundation aims to promote cancer awareness and promote screening campaigns throughout The Gambia.

The foundational also aims to eventually set up a cancer Research Centre in The Gambia to compliment the efforts of The Gambia government.

Women Affairs

To support women in various activities related to their empowerment, inclusion and welfare.

  1. Socio Economic Empowerment
  • To support local social entrepreneurs through skills development and product enhancing through skills that raise domestic products such as soap making, packaging, juice making, organic products etc..
  • To support women groups in agriculture (horticulture, vegetable garden growers, oyster etc. with tools to enable them to work easier and more efficient.
  1. Women’s Welfare Forum
  • An open forum for Women in West Africa from all walks of life, especially women living in the provincial areas to gather, connect and discuss pertinent welfare issues affecting women. To empower one another and support multi sectoral causes through various breakout sessions chaired by influential women of various societies/companies.
  1. Women in Difficulty
  • To support women who have very rare and difficult circumstances such as widows, severely marginalized women due to matters of health and homeless women.
  1. Women Health Issues

To promote awareness on women health issues such as cancer, infertility, antenatal, infections and harmful traditional practices.

Youth Empowerment

- To support youth empowerment through educational and social development schemes.

- To empower young women through a yearly camp focusing on skills in home economics, hygiene and inspiring girls to be confident and empowered to pursue their ambitions.

Social Development Outreach

To support poor communities and families who are suffering from distress due to poverty or natural disasters.